Sydney 2024 Courses

Created in 2021 the Certified Facilitator in Organizational Design is the culmination of several years of workshops and courses focused on developing education in organizational design and its link to the organizational change space. The qualification process explores the need to gain knowledge and demonstrate its application to real world change situations. This course will help develop a robust toolbox in organizational design methods and approaches as well as fun facilitated hands-on activities to work through some real examples. For more information click here.


Capillary is pleased to offer the Certified Lego Serious Play Change Facilitator, a first level qualification in Lego Serious Play that promotes its application within the change space, supporting a number of common change delivery activities. Change professionals will gain the skills to develop alternative approaches to stakeholder engagement, sponsorship, strategy and delivery of successful change while bringing gamification and playfulness to their practice. For more information click here


All courses will be delivered at the Crowne Plaza – 58 Bathurst Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000

Rich is coming to Sydney to deliver these courses

MAR 13-15, 2024

Certified Facilitator in Organizational Design (CFOD)


Earlybird C$1600+taxes

MAR 18-19, 2024

Certified Lego Serious Play Change Facilitator (CLSPCF)


Earlybird C$1500+taxes

Please note that prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. 

Approximate pricing is 

CFOD: AUD$2200 (earlybird AUD$1800) and 

CLSPCF: AUD$2000 (earlybird AUD$1650)

Please check current exchange rates for the time of purchase as these numbers are only for guidance.