Certified Change Agent

Created in 2014, the 3-Day Certified Change Agent program is recognized internationally as a foundation step for anyone developing their career in change management, leadership or any role that supports and guides people through change.

Gaining one of the world’s fastest growing change credentials will position you as a leader in your space, embracing current thinking and new adoption approaches for individual and organizationals change. Whethere you are new to the change world or an experiences practitioner looking to grow your toolbox, this course will deliver time and time again.

Experience multiple techniques, understand many models and approaches in change and look beyonf the theory to the practical application of good practices to successfully delivery change.

Delivery is virtual, in person or hybrid. Check specific dates for your preferred delivery approach.  Each day runs from 9-5pm local time.


The April 22-24 session will be in Mississauga at 52, Village Centre Place (click to map)



Earlybird C$1650+taxes

Upcoming Canada Workshops

OCT 23-25, 2024 - Toronto, ON;

DEC 9-11, 2024 -Toronto, ON


In person dates can also accommodate 2 virtual attendees. Reach out for information if interested.

Why become a Certified Change Agent(CCA)?

The Change Agent program develops skills in change management and associated tasks for successful delivery of change in organizations and individuals. It is methodology agnostic, choosing to focus on critical thinking, insights and the tools, techniques and competencies to build unique approaches that fit unique change events.


The program covers theory and practice. Real life change situations are dispersed throughout the workshop content, with regular activities to build knowledge, collaborate with peers and develop plans for specific events brought to the table for discussion. Lego Serious Play is incorporated into the learning activities, with video analysis and of several group, pairs and individual activities. Learners leave with an understanding of the needs to develop their change approaches, practical tools for metrics, behaviours and engagement, as well as their own personal change agent profile.


This program will be particularly beneficial for those who have recently been asked to undertake a change agent role as part of their normal duties or need to develop a culture of change readiness within their organization.

Course Curriculum

The workshop will cover these foundational change learning components and end with an examination of knowledge in the final hour of day 3. Following an exam pass, attendees will be invited to submit a written essay demonstrating their application of knowledge gained. This is recommended for submission within 125 days. The essay will be reviewed by our assessor board and if it meets their criteria then a Certified Change Agent (CCA) designation is awarded to be renewed every 3 years.

Worshop Day 1

What is Change?

Human Emotions to Change

Personality Types

Understanding Why we have Change

Learning the Players for Change

Dealing with Resistance

Building Resilience

Worshop Day 2

How is Change Managed?

What is Change Management

Change Management Approaches

Change & Project Management

Change Leadership

Innovation & Change

Leadership and Management

Workshop Day 3

What is a Change Agent?

Planning & Preparing for Change

Influencing Withour Authority

Creating your Change Agent Role

Defining Change Agent Expectations

60 minute multiple choice exam

Guidance on completing the essay

Worshop Day 1

Strategic Change

Strategic Alignment

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organizational Culture

Geographical Culture

Cultural Analysis

Changing Cultures

Worshop Day 2

Agile Principles

Doing & Being Agile

Agile Change

Change & the Customer

Disruptive Change & VUCA

Change Agent Networks

Presentation & Essay

At the end of Day 2, all participants will be required to make a presentation, utilizing key components of the course as it relates to a change event.

Written essay demonstrating application of learning to a change event, in 3000 words, submitted 125