Capillary Learning

Capillary Learning is part of Capillary Consulting Inc. It focuses on learning, training, education and facilitation of skills for change, leadership and organizational development.

Began in 2014 as part of a focus to build change competence and capacity for organizations, demand for its unique and very interactive learning opportunities quickly accelerated.

In 2015 the first Certified Change Agent workshop was delivered and by the end of the year the first Certified Change Agents were accredited.  Striving to continuously balance the need for current learning with progressive has led to a continuously expanding portfolio of qualifications, courses and workshops. In 2019 the Certified Change Leader and Certified Lego Serious Play Change Facilitator Workshops were delivered adding to the qualifications.

This decade, while beginning with challenge, will offer opportunities for new facilitators and international learning partners to join us in delivering our portfolio and become part of our global community.