Understanding Organizational Design

This one day workshop will explore the very essence of organizational design, focusing on requirements gathering, information needed and business culture considerations. It will consider what the change impacts are when redesigning existing structures and when creating new structures.

About the Workshop


  1. Understand the purpose and underlying needs of structure and systematic relationships within organizations
  2. Learn about the information needed and preparation for undertaking an organizational design
  3. Prepare change plans for organizational restructures, understanding the differences to be considered between existing and new creations


Interactive discussion based delivery will explore the key elements of this course with interactive group and/or individual activities, use of videos, tools and examples of practical applications to enhance the learning experience. This workshop also includes Lego Serious Play as part of the learning experience.

Attendees will be encouraged to explore their current organization and work through some practical case studies to dynamically apply their learning from the day.

Attendees will receive a content based workbook, Lego Serious Play exploration pack and access to online resources.

Attendees who want to further their Organizational Design skills are encouraged to attend the Delivering Organizational Design workshop

Curriculum Content

During the day, the following areas will be explored .

  • What is Organizational Design
  • Design Requirements
  • Traditional Organizational Structures
  • Contemporary Organizational Structures
  • Evolving Organizational Structures
  • (re)Designing an Organization
  • Change management for (re) Design
  • Practical Application to a Real Case