Managing and Leading Change

This one day workshop introduces you to the world of change. It is designed to support and educate individuals with new responsibilities for change within their organization or in support of others experiencing change.

About the Workshop


  1. Understand what it means to manage a change and how that is different from change management
  2. Learn about some key change management methodologies
  3. Understand how people react to change
  4. Gain the skills to plan and prepare for your change events
  5. Build a Canvas for Change


Interactive discussion based delivery will explore the key elements of this course with 7 interactive group and/or individual activities, use of videos, tools and examples of practical applications to enhance the learning experience.

Attendees will be encouraged to explore a current change event and dynamically apply their learning to that change. This will provide more than knowledge and skills to take away but practical approaches to deal with a current change and use as a guide for future events.

Attendees will receive a content based workbook, change canvas template and access to online resources.

Curriculum Content

During the day, the following areas will be explored as part of the learning opportunity.

  • Why do we have Change Management
  • Human Emotions to Change
  • People Dealing with Change
  • Change Management or Managing Change
  • Change Management Approaches
  • Change Management or Project Management
  • Understanding Stakeholders
  • Being a Leader of Change
  • Change Agents
  • Change Alignment
  • How to Prepare for Change

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Investment: C$595+taxes* (£375 UK)

* prices may differ to reflect current offers and special access rates