Certifed Facilitator in Organizational Design (CFOD)

Created in 2021 the Certified Facilitator in Organizational Design is the culmination of several years of workshops and courses focused on developing education in organizational design and its link to the organizational change space.

The qualification process explores the need to gain knowledge and demonstrate its application to real world change situations. This course will help develop a robust toolbox in organizational design methods and approaches as well as fun facilitated hands-on activities to work through some real examples.

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Why become a Certified Facilitator in Organizational Design?

The Certified Facilitator in Organizational Design(CFOD) will equip any change practitioner with the knowledge and skills to jump into an organizational design initiative.

You will gain the knowledge of organizational structural evolution, drivers for design and the considerations of maturing and evolving organizations to work on creating a best fit design for the future. You will learn how to map out the journey of the design process as well as build out all the resources and tools you need to create a future state design.

The program covers historical theory, practice and walks you through common discussions needed. Lots of practical templates and tools are utilised and you get to see under the hood of each and everyone. Of course you will also navigate the change journey as part of this, with the ability to map out the key arrival points along the pathway to success.

Achieving the Certified Facilitator in Organizational Design(CFOD) accreditation will signal that you are not just knowledgeable but fully capable of guiding any organization through a redesign that is best fit for the future.

Course Curriculum

The Workshop will cover the essential learning components with day 3 being a hands on practical application of organizational design in action. After concluding the workshop, the Certified Facilitator in Organizational Design(CFOD) designation is awarded only on submission of a practical portfolio, within 125 days of conclusion (extensions may be possible) The credential is to be renewed every 3 years.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 (Workshop) Portfolio
Foundations of Organizational Design

  • What is Organizational Design
  • How does your organization work
  • Building your organization
  • Fundamental Design Factors
  • Organizational Structures
  • Evolving Organizations
Delivering Organizational Design

  • Understand the Principles of Organizational Design
  • Using requirements to build
  • Preparing to (re) Design an Organization
  • Understand the current state
  • Strategic Alignment
  • The People Audit
  • Implementation & Adoption
Making the Organizational Design a Reality

    • A journey through organizational design tools, techniques and templates
    • Practical application of skills to a case study and journey mapping the change for the organization
  • A portfolio of documentation and supporting narrative demonstrating application of learning gained as it applies to an organizational design effort.
  • To be submitted 125 days after Day 3 workshop.

Course Investment: C$1750+taxes*

*rates may be less for advance and early purchases

22.5 CPD hours

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